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The genealogy books described on this site are available to you now. The primary focus is on families that arrived in America before 1650. They may be good sources for growing your family tree. The books are prepared following modern standards of format and documentation. They contain obituaries, extensive biographies and many photographs. Genealogies of some of these families have appeared in the past. However, sources of their information are often lacking and many errors were made. In these new genealogies many of these problems are fixed. Another important enhancement is the inclusion of female lines of descent. Features of these new genealogies:





A comprehensive  Curtis Genealogy , descendants of John Curtis and Elizabeth Hutchins, is available through generation seven. Other early New England families through four or more generations are:

· Atwell Genealogy                             Benjamin Atwell & His Wife Mary

· Beach Genealogy                              John Beach & His Wife Mary

· Beardsley Genealogy                        William Beardsley  &  Mary Harvey

· Bishop Genealogy                         Eleazer Bishop Sr. & Sarah Dart

· Blackman Genealogy                       Rev. Adam Blackman  &  His Wife Jane

· Bolles Genealogy                              Joseph Bolles Sr. & His Wife Mary

· Booth Genealogy                              Richard Booth  &  Elizabeth Hawley

· Burr Genealogy                                Jehu Burr  &  His Wife Miss Cable

· Burritt Genealogy                             William Burritt  &  His Wife Elizabeth

· Chapel Genealogy                            William Chapel Sr. & His Wife Christian

· Churchill Genealogy                        Josiah Churchill  &  Elizabeth Foote

· Copp Genealogy                               David Copp & Obedience Topliff

· Curtis Genealogy                              John Curtis & Elizabeth Hutchins

· Dolbeare Genealogy                         Edmund Dolbeare

· Fairchild Genealogy                         Thomas Fairchild  &  His Wives Emma Seabrook & Katharine Craig

· Fargo Genealogy                              Moses Fargo Sr. & His Wife Sarah

· Foote Genealogy                               Nathaniel Foote  &  Elizabeth Deming

· Groves Genealogy                            Philip Groves &  Anna Smith

· Hurd Genealogy                               Brothers Adam & John Hurd

· Judson Genealogy                            William Judson  &  His Wives Grace & Elizabeth

· Nichols Genealogy                           Francis Nichols  &  His Wives Frances Wimarke & Anne Wines

· Peet Genealogy                                 John Peet, Sr. 

· Root Genealogy                                Josiah Root Sr. & His Wife Susanna

· Scholfield Genealogy                       Arthur Scholfield Sr.

· Seabrook Genealogy                        Robert Seabrook & Alice Goodspeed

· Tomlinson Genealogy                      Henry Tomlinson  &  His Wife Alice  

· Vallet Genealogy                              Jeremiah Vallet Sr.

· Vibber Genealogy                             John Vibber Sr. & Johanna Williams

· Wells Genealogy                            Thomas Wells Sr. & Frances Albright

· Wheeler Genealgoy                       Moses Wheeler Sr. & His Wife Miriam

· Wiard Genealogy                              Robert Wiard  &  His Wife Mary

· Wickwire Genealogy                        John Wickwire Sr. & Mary Tonge

· Wilcoxson Genealogy                       William Wilcoxson  &  His Wife Margaret        


Many of these families were founders of ancient Connecticut towns such as Stratford and Wethersfield. Genealogies of additional families are in preparation. A listing of  all of the books currently available can be found on the Book List page. A description of each item is given separately.

Primary sources used include birth records, death records, marriage records, census records, immigration records, and court records. Genealogical journals and magazines were reviewed. The text of newspaper articles on births, marriages, and anniversaries as well as obituaries are given in full. Maps and portraits are reproduced when available. Old family histories, town histories and county histories were searched.

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A comprehensive study of The Old Burying Ground of Fairfield, Fairfield County, Connecticut, with full color photographs of the tombstones is available.

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