The Descendants of


John Curtis (1577–1639) & Elizabeth Hutchins (1592–1658)


Volumes 1 & 2, Second Edition


This is a new genealogy of John Curtis and Elizabeth Hutchins. They and their three sons were born in England. In 1636 John Curtis was  residing in Roxbury, Massachusetts. The family removed to Wethersfield, Connecticut by 1638. In 1639 Elizabeth, by then a widow, and her sons were among the founders of Stratford, Connecticut.

The first comprehensive genealogy of John Curtis and Elizabeth Hutchins was written in 1903. Supplements were published in 1953 and 1975. The new genealogy contains all of the material previously published plus much more.

The biographical information ranges from brief statements of military service to flowery reports found in old newspaper articles describing births, marriages, public service, or deaths. Many of the descendants or their spouses were farmers, laborers, or workers in small manufacturing companies. However, others were leaders in industry, religion, education, military affairs, and politics. Most males of age served in the Revolutionary War on the side of independence but a few were Tories.

Volumes 1 & 2 of the Descendants of John Curtis (1577–1639) & Elizabeth Hutchins (1592–1658) cover the first five generations with names of the sixth generation. The genealogy section of this hardcover book contains 321 pages and over 2,800 descendants. There are over sixty black & white photographs and one color photograph of tombstones and four color maps. The book is fully indexed by name and place. A nine page annotated bibliography is included. The sixth generation of this family is available in John Curtis and Elizabeth Hutchins, Volumes 2A and 2B. The seventh generation is given in John Curtis and Elizabeth Hutchins, Volume 3A, 3B, and 3C.

The second edition of this genealogy includes additional information on female lines, corrects some errors and  adds full page color photographs of numerous tombstones. The new edition has expanded from 321  to 583 pages and from 65 to 120 photographs.



Curtis GenealogyDescendants of John Curtis & Elizabeth Hutchins, Volume 1

Founders of Stratford, Connecticut in 1639


The first five generations

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