The Descendants of


Adam & John Hurd




Adam & John Hurd were born in England and resided first in Windsor, Connecticut. By 1644 they left Windsor and settled in Stratford, Connecticut. The two brothers were prosperous and became substantial landowners.

This book details the genealogy of these two men through five complete generations and provides statistics on the sixth generation. The material includes vital statistics and some biographical information.

Their descendants intermarried with many other well-known early New England families. Other family names prominent in this genealogy  are Barnum, Beardsley, Blackman, Bostwick, Curtis, Hawley, Hinman, Judson, Peet, Sherwood, and Wilcox. During the years covered in this book the descendants resided in many towns in Fairfield and Litchfield Counties in Connecticut. Other families ventured westward into New York or north into Vermont.

In addition to material from earlier published research on these families, new connections have been included. Corrections to the previously published articles are added. Detailed source references are given, often to primary records. Along with the text there are photographs of  twenty-five  tombstones, printed in full color. There are indexes of people and places. The book is bound in soft-cover and is printed on acid-free paper.

Hurd  Genealogy – Descendants of Adam & John Hurd —  5  Generations

Five generations


Brothers settle in Stratford, Connecticut

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