The Descendants of


William Burritt  &  His Wife Elizabeth


Second Edition



William Burritt and his wife Elizabeth emigrated around 1640. They were among the first settlers of Stratford, Connecticut. He was an expert blacksmith, an important trade for the new town. A number of his descendants carried on his enterprise.

Among the famous descendants of William and Elizabeth Burritt is Elihu Burritt, known as The Learned Blacksmith. Born in 1811, he began his career as a blacksmith and used this profession to pay for an education. He became a noted scholar, author, statesman, and organizer of a peace movement. Other descendants held leadership positions in industry, the military, or politics.

During the Revolutionary War a few Burritt’s sided with the British and removed to Canada. However, most of them remained dedicated to the American cause. They intermarried with many other well-known early New England families. Other family names prominent among the Burritt descendants are Beach, Beardsley, Blackman, Booth, Curtis, Dunning, Hawley, Hinman, Hurd, Nichols, and Welles.

All of the material from earlier research on these families is included. Corrections to the previously published articles are added. In addition, the female lines are followed and extensive biographical material is added. Detailed source references are given, often to primary records. Along with the text are numerous photographs of tombstones. There are indexes of people and places. The book is bound in soft-cover and is printed on acid-free paper.

The second edition of this book extends the genealogy from four to six generations.  Other additions and corrections are made to the material in the first edition. There are three portraits in black and white. Also included are sixty-two photographs of tombstones, printed in full color.

Burritt  Genealogy – Descendants of William Burritt —  Six Generations

Six generation study


Early blacksmith of Stratford, Connecticut

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