The Descendants of


Josiah Churchill  &  Elizabeth Foote


Volumes  1 — 6



Josiah Churchill was born around 1615 in England and was an early settler of Wethersfield, Connecticut. He and Elizabeth Foote were married in Wethersfield in 1638. Her father, Nathaniel Foote, was one of the founders of Wethersfield. The descendants of Josiah and Elizabeth were numerous and intermarried with many of the well-known early families of Connecticut and Massachusetts.

Volume 1 details the first five generations of the family and gives the names of generation six. Volume 2 covers generation six. Volumes 3 through 6 continue the family up to the present.

The Ancient History of Wethersfield published in 1904 by Henry R. Stiles gives some branches of the family but focuses on those who remained in the area. Another source of information on the Connecticut line of the Churchill family appears in The Churchill Family in America by Gardner Asaph Churchill and Nathaniel Wiley Churchill. This book, also published in 1904, includes information on three other early Churchill immigrants. While far more extensive than Stile’s book, it omits the female lines and gives little documentation.

All of the material from these earlier studies on the descendants of Josiah Churchill and Elizabeth Foote is included our new genealogy. Corrections based on new research are made. In addition, the female lines are followed and extensive biographical material is added. Among the famous descendants of Josiah Churchill and Elizabeth Foote are Rutherford Hayes, the nineteenth President of the United States, and Alonzo Church, well-known mathematician of Princeton University.

Detailed source references are given, often to primary records. Along with the text are inscriptions and photographs of tombstones. There are indexes of people and places. The books are bound in hardcover and printed on acid-free paper.

Volume 1  —  Generations one through five with index (554 pages)

Volume 2 —  Generation six with index (582 pages)

Volumes 3— 6  Generations seven through the present, four volumes indexed                                                         together (2,346 pages)


Churchill Genealogy  -  Descendants of Josiah Churchill & Elizabeth Foote

Early settlers of Wethersfield, Connecticut


Founders of the  Connecticut Churchill line


Six volumes

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